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Do you have Back Pain? Have you ever been told from your doctor you have one of following symptoms:    1) Chronic Back Pain or Lumbago  2) Chronic Lumber Instability   3) Post-Operative Rehabilitation   4) Degenerative Disc Disease  
5) Spondylosis/Osteoarthritis 
6) Spinal Stenosis   7) Herniated Lumbar Disc.

Our Medicare approved Back Brace is designed to help alleviate BACK PAIN and all the symptoms mentioned above.  We will work with your doctor and insurance to get you our brace quickly!

The Warrior Back Brace helps with the following: Relieves load on lumbar discs, Disc space creation can alleviate nerve root impingement, Low profile design for maximum patient compliance and comfort, Unique design lifts and holds the patients' anterior weight, Posterior panels extends from the Sacrococcygeal Junction to T-9 vertebrae, Side lateral panels provide maximum lateral stability.

Our Medicare approved Back Brace deploys unique opposing force technology to accelerate healing in the lumbar spine to help alleviate back pain. Patients often experience pain relief from the compression and postural improvement that our LSO Back Brace provides.

To figure out your size simply measure around your waist to your navel
Sizes: in inch Small 23-34” Medium 34-48” Large 48-62"

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