About Us

Health Aid Supplies, LLC was founded to simply provide THE BEST SERVICE of physician-prescribed back braces, knee braces, wrist braces, and ankle braces.

Find out how our BRACES can help you with your pain today. Health Aid Supplies, LLC will work directly with your doctors office to see if our products are right for you. Call me anytime direct at 314-608-2932.  I’ll answer any questions you may.
Thank you, Tony Pykiet

Health Aid Supplies, LLC Service:

       ·        No out-of-pocket expenses for you (deductibles still apply)
·        No need to fill out endless paperwork. We do the work for you!
·        All supplies shipped with traceable numbers via FedEx or UPS.
·        Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Mission Statement

We are dedicated in fulfilling our customer’s expectations in providing great braces to help with pain.  

Our Vision

With the billing process continually changing, we work very close with medical professionals to provide the most efficient and effective treatment options. Health Aid Supplies, LLC is striving for an easier ways to help customer understand what is available to them in health care industry.